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Description Characteristics Beer Styles Color(Lovibond) Gravity
Acid Malt sour profile Lambics 1.3-2.3 1.033
Amber Malt copper color, biscuit taste ales(brown, mild, old) 35 1.032
Aromatic Malt malt aroma ales and lagers 20 1.036
Biscuit Malt baked biscuit flavor and aroma Belgian 25 1.035
Black Barley sharp barley flavor, dry stouts 500 1.023-1.027
Black Patent Malt dry, burnt taste and aroma stouts, porters, brown ales, dark lagers 500 1.026
Brown Malt dry biscuit flavor porters and Belgian ales 65 1.032
Brown Sugar rich, sweet flavor Scottish ales, old ales 40 - 60 1.046
Candi sugar or rock candi smooth, sweet taste and aroma Belgian and Holiday ales clear - .5, amber - 75, dark- 275 1.036
Cara-Munich Malt copper color, caramel sweetness and aroma Belgian ales, German Beers 56 1.033
Cara-Wheat Malt toasted wheat flavor, nutty German Wheat Beers 32 1.035
Chocolate Malt dark brown color, toasted nutty flavor stouts, porters, brown ales 350-475 1.034
Corn sugar priming(bottling) ingrediant all beers 1 1.037
Crystal/Caramel Malt sweet caramel flavor, amber to dark color Various Styles 10-120 1.034
Demerara sugar sweet flavor English ales 1 1.041
Dextrin Malt light malt, adds body porters, stouts, or nay beer that needs more body 1-10 1.033
Dextrose/glucose mild sweet taste English ales 1 1.037
DME(dry malt extract) powdered malt all styles 2-30 1.044
Flaked Barley creamy smoothness, helps with head retention porters, stouts 1.5 1.032
Flaked Maize lightens body and color American Lagers, Pilsners 1 1.037
Flaked Oats Adds body, smoothness Belgian ales, stouts 1 1.033
Flaked Rye dry, crisp character rye beers 2 1.036
Flaked Wheat wheat flavor, hazy color, adds body and head retention Wheat and Belgian Whites 2 1.036
Honey sweet and dry flavor many styles 1 1.032
Honey Malt honey toasted, nutty flavor brown ales, Belgian Wheats, many styles 25 1.034
Irish Moss collects proteins, prevents chill haze lighter color beers n/a n/a
Kiln-Amber Malt adds maltiness German Lagers, Scottish Ales 22 1.034
Kiln-Coffee Malt coffee flavor stouts, porters, brown ales, Scottish Ales 170 1.034
Lactose adds sweetness and body sweet or milk stouts n/a 1.043
Lager Malt light color and flavor lagers 1.4 1.038
Malto-dextrin adds body and mouthfeel extract beers 0 1.043
Maple Syrup dry, woodsy flavor Pale ales, porters 35 1.030
Maple sap earthy, dry falvor Pale ales, porters 3 1.009
Melanoiden Malt reddish color red malt 33 1.033
Molasses strong sweet flavor stout, porter 80 1.036
Munich Malt amber color, sweet toasted flavor and aroma dark lagers, Oktoberfests, porters 8 1.034
Oak Chips recreates cask conditioned aroma IPAs, Belgian ales, Scottish ales n/a n/a
Pale Ale Malt/British 2-Row malt flavor Brittish and Scottish ales 2.2 1.038
Pale Ale Malt/American 2-Row malt flavor, light color most beer styles 1.8 1.037
Pale 6-Row/American malt flavor, adds body most beer styles 1.8 1.035
Peat-smoked Malt smoky flavor Scottish Ales 2.8 1.034
Pilsner Malt light color and flavor Pilsners and light color beers 1.5 - 2 1.037
Rice Solids lightens flavor, no taste American and Asian lagers .01 1.040
Rauch Malt smoky flavor rouch beers, Scottish ales, smoked porters 25 1.037
Roasted Barley amber color, dry roasted flavor stouts, porters, scottish ales 500 1.025
Rye Malt dry, crisp character rye beers 3 1.029
Sucrose white table sugar Australian lagers, English bitters n/a 1.046
Special B malt extreme caramel taste and aroma dark Belgian beers, other dark beers 130 - 220 1.030
Syrup Malt Extract light, amber, and dark all styles 3.5 - 30 1.037
Toasted Malt nutty flavor and aroma IPAs, Scottish Ales 25 1.038
Torrified Wheat helps head retention and mouthfeel pale ales 1 1.036
Scottish ale Malt malt flavor and aroma Scottish Ales 3 1.038
Treacle intense, sweet flavor many English ales 100 1.036
Victory Malt slightly toasted biscuit flavor and aroma IPAs, Scottish Ales, Nut Brown ales 25 1.034
Vienna Malt caramel, toasted flavor Vienna. Marzen, Oktoberfest 2 - 4 1.036
Wheat Malt light flavor, creamy head all wheat beers, stouts, german styles 1.8 1.038
Malt Vendors Website
Muntons is a producer of malt and malt products for a worldwide client list - many of whom are major brewers, distillers and food product manufacturers.
Briess Malting Company has been a family-owned manufacturer of quality malts for four generations, since 1876. The only North American maltsters producing and supplying an extensive spectrum of quality Pale and Specialty Malts to the largest and smallest breweries on this continent and abroad. The malting plants are located in the Midwest, America's heartland, with various strategically located distribution centers throughout the United States.
Schreier Malting is very particular about the quality and consistency of their custom processed Schreier Specialty Malts, exclusively imported Belgian malts from DeWolf-Cosyns, and their extensive line of Brewer's Grains.
De Wolf-Cosyns Maltings was founded in 1790. Beyond the best quality standards - set since over 200 years - the main objective of our production planning is flexibility and diversification. Flexibility ensures our customers the real advantage of being served in the best terms we can offer. Our highly diversified production programme enables us to encounter the sometimes very specific malt characteristics our customers require. Apart from Pilsen, Pale-Ale, Munich and Aromatic malts produced in kilns, we are renowned for our caramel and roasted malts processed in roasting drums. They are a natural choice raw material for the production of specialty beers.

Hop Alpha Acid % Range Use Origin Substitute
B.C. Goldings 4 - 7% flavor, aroma Canada, US English Kent Goldings
Brambling Cross 5 - 7% aroma, bittering Canada, UK English Kent Goldings
Brewer's Gold 6 - 10% bittering Germany, UK, US Northern Brewer, Bullion
Bullion 6 - 11% bittering UK, US Brewer's Gold, Galena, Northern Brewer
Cascade 4 - 8% bittering, flavor, aroma, dry hop US Centennial
Centennial 9 - 11% bittering, aroma, dry hop US Cascade
Challenger 6 - 9% bittering, flavor, aroma UK Northern Brewer
Chinook 11 - 14% bittering US Brewer's Gold, Nugget
Cluster 5 - 9% bittering US Chinook, Galena
Columbus 12 - 16% bittering US Eroica
Crystal 2 - 5% aroma US German Hallertau Hersbrucker, Mittlefruh
Czech Saaz 2 - 5.5% flavor, aroma, dry hop Czechoslovakia US Saaz, Lubin
Eroica 9 - 13% bittering US Brewer's Gold
First Gold 6.5 - 8.5% flavor, aroma UK East Kent Golding
Fuggles 3.5 - 5.5% flavor, aroma US Willamette, Kent Goldings
Galena 10 - 14% bittering US Brewer's Gold, Bullion
Hallertau Hersbrucker 2.3 - 5% bittering, flavor, aroma Germany Hallertau Mittlefruh
Hallertau MittleFruh 3.5 - 5.5% bittering, flavor, aroma Germany Hallertau Hersbrucker
Kent Goldings 4 - 7% flavor, aroma, dry hop UK Fuggles, BC Goldings
Liberty 2.5 - 6% aroma US Hallertau Mittlefruh, Crystal
Lublin 3 - 6% flavor, aroma Poland Czech Saaz
Mt. Hood 3 - 6% flavor, aroma US Hallertau hersbrucker, Mittlefruh
Northdown 8 - 11% bittering, flavor, aroma, dry hop UK Northern Brewer
Northern Brewer 12 - 16% bittering US Eroica
Nugget 10 - 14% bittering US Chinook
Orion 6 - 7.5% bittering Germany Northern Brewer
Omega 9 - 13% bittering UK Northdown
Perle 6 - 8% flavor, aroma Germany, US Hallertau Mittlefruh
Pride of Ringwood 8 - 12% bittering New Zealand Galena
Progress 5 - 7.5% flavor, aroma UK Fuggles
Spalt 3 - 6% bittering, flavor, aroma Germany, US Czech Saaz
Strisslespalt 2.5 - 4% aroma France Hallertau Hersbrucker
Styrian Goldings 4.5 - 7.5% bittering, flavor, aroma Slovenia Kent Goldings
Target 8 - 10% bittering UK Northdown, Yeoman
Tettnanger 3 - 6.5% bittering, flavor, aroma Germany, US Spalt, Czech Saaz
Ultra 2 - 4% aroma US Czech Saaz
U.S. Saaz 2 - 4% aroma US Czech Saaz
Whitbread Golding 4.5 - 7.5% flavor, aroma UK Fuggles
Willamette 4.5 - 7.5% flavor, aroma US Fuggles
Yakima Magnum 14 - 15% bittering US Columbus
Yeoman 6.5 - 8% bittering UK Northdown, Target
Hop Vendors & Reference Sites Website
HOPUNION U.S.A., INC. is a worldwide hop firm. It was founded by Johannes Scharrer in 1809 in Nuremberg Germany. Today this company is managed by the 7th generation of the founding father. We have offices, processing and ranch facilities throughout the world. In the United States we are located in Yakima Washington. We have two ranch facilities incorporating over 700 acres of hops. We also have a pellet processing facility along with a dozen hop warehouses. These warehouses hold, on the average, over 7,000 bales of hops each which is the equivalent to a total of 1,400,000 pound of hops.
Puterbaugh Farms is a family business tucked into the fertile Yakima Valley, just a three-hour drive from Seattle. As fourth-generation hop farmers, the family is rich in the tradition of farming and caring for the land. Today, we grow 10 different hop varieties, and we always stand behind our product.
In 1980 as a homebrewer I visited the USDA Hop Research Farm in Corvallis, OR. I was looking for some hop plants so I could try growing my own vines. Besides acquiring some hop rhizomes, I was given some fluorescent green hop flowers, unlike any hops I'd bought before. Those hops inspired me to provide real hops to other fellow home brewers. Since that time, I have worked on the same USDA farm as well as a 1000-acre hop farm. I now grow a small quantity of hops and supplement the demand with the best hops available. Every September after harvest, I rendezvous with various microbrewers in Yakima, WA. Here we are given the opportunity to select the cream of the crop, even before the big mega breweries get their hands on them. From there they go into cold storage until your order is prepared. I feel confident that these are the best hops grown in America. Hoppily, Dave Wills
Glen Tinseth's Hop page. A great hop resource site for homebrewers, or any hophead for that matter.

Yeast Vendor Website
White Labs is located in San Diego, CA. This area is very active in brewing, with over 20 brewpubs and microbreweries. White Labs is deeply involved with the local breweries. We develop new yeast strains, trial newly developed strains, and test yeast and beer samples. White Labs was started in 1995 by Chris White, Ph.D., following years of research and the development of a library of brewers yeast strains from around the world. Chris White received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from U.C. Davis, where his interest in brewing was inspired by Dr. Michael Lewis’ Brewing and Malting Science courses. He began homebrewing and relocated to San Diego for graduate studies in Biochemistry. Chris’ doctoral thesis focused on developing high cell density growth techniques for an industrial yeast strain. Because of his passion for craft brewing, Chris began to experiment, using the same high cell density growth techniques on brewers yeast. Chris developed a process to grow pitchable quantities of liquid brewers yeast. This innovation caught on quickly within the brewing community and Chris White’s yeast developed a strong word-of-mouth reputation. Chris Mueller joined White Labs in 1997, and brought with him vast experience in customer service and brewery production. Now, White Labs provides high quality, concentrated, liquid brewers yeast to breweries and homebrewers worldwide.
Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. is the leading source of fermentation cultures for beer and wine making worldwide. A great selection of yeast for all styles of beverages with experienced technical support and supplies for testing and analysis. Wyeast is available through the finest home beer and wine making shops worldwide.

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